What does Blank Pregnancy Test Mean? Here’s What You Need to Know!

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If you are getting a blank screen while testing for pregnancy, it does not always mean that you are not pregnant. A blank screen means you are not getting any results. But why does it appear blank? Let’s find out what it means with facts and figures. I have created an entire list of everything you need to know about blank pregnancy tests in detail.

What is a Blank Pregnancy Test?

The kit we use for pregnancy tests is known as a pregnancy kit. It has a stick with a screen and a tip on it. The tip is used to dip in the urine, and the screen tells if the pregnancy test is negative or positive. However, sometimes the screen does not give any results and just stays blank after the test. It means a blank pregnancy test, meaning you haven’t received any test outcome. It can mean that you are not pregnant or the kit is not detecting correctly. 

Does a blank pregnancy test mean negative?

Sometimes a blank screen could mean that you are not pregnant. However, this happens only rarely. A blank screen results mostly mean the results are not precise. Many factors can contribute to a blank screen result. If you don’t know how to use it properly, it can cause a blank pregnancy test. Similarly, the faulty kit can also cause a blank screen. 

It can also happen due to fewer hCG hormones in the body. The body releases these hormones when a person is pregnant. The pregnancy kit detects these hormones to find out if you are pregnant or not. Sometimes, the hCG hormones are so low that the stick cannot detect it or cannot give obvious results. So, we get a blank screen on the stick.

Simply put, a blank pregnancy test does not mean you are not pregnant. You may have to take further tests to get precise results. 

How to take a pregnancy test?

Improper use of the pregnancy testing device can cause blank results. So, learning how to take a pregnancy test on your own is essential. You can follow the step-by-step guide given below:

  1. Follow the Instructions

The first step is to read the instructions of the testing kid, including its description. The different brands can have other ways to use the kit. So, always read all the step-wise instructions, even if you have used the kit before. 

  1. Accurate Time for Testing

Perfect timing is essential to get the right results or avoid blank pregnancy tests. You can test after a missed period. But, some brands may claim their kit can detect it even earlier. It is always mentioned in the instructions. So, carefully choose the right time for a pregnancy test.

  1. Urine Collection

When you are pregnant, your body starts making hCG hormones. The testing kid detects the presence of these hormones to provide results. Your urine also contains hCG hormones. So, collect some urine in a container. You can do it any time of the day, but morning is the best time for collecting urine. Our urine is highly concentrated after we wake up and has higher hCG.

  1. Prepare the Kit

Take the stick out of the box and carefully remove the tip cover. Do not touch the tip area that is used as an absorbent. It must stay clean and untouched for clear results.  

  1. Perform Pregnancy Test

The test is quite simpler than it may look. You just need to dip the tip of the stick into the collected urine. Some brands may tell you to urine directly on the testing kit’s tip. So, you must read the instructions clearly. After completing the test, just wait for the results.

  1. Read the Test Outcome

You must know how to read the results that appear on the testing kit’s screen. The results can appear in the form of different lines, dots, or symbols. Different brands may have different ways of presenting results. So, reading the instructions is a must for knowing how to read the results correctly. You can also get a blank pregnancy test, which means you may have to test again. 

How Long Does a Pregnancy Test Take?

Sitting in the restroom waiting for the tests to appear can be tough for anyone. Curiosity about the results can also make every second longer. But do not worry, and keep patience. The pregnancy test results do not take much longer.

The average time for the results to appear is 1 to 3 minutes. The timeline may vary from brand to brand, but no kit takes longer than a few minutes. Also, remember that the results may disappear if you wait too long. Even if you see a dim line or symbol on the screen, it means you are pregnant. If you see a blank pregnancy test, then do the testing again with a new kit.

Trend Data for Blank Pregnancy Test

The interest in blank pregnancy tests has grown a lot since 2004, according to Google data. This trend provides a lot of insight into the common causes of these test results. It also helps us find common solutions to avoid blank pregnancy tests. The trend is as follows:

Source: Google Trend

Why Do I Have a Blank Pregnancy Test?

You may be wondering what it means if you have tested and got a blank pregnancy test. As discussed earlier, the blank result does not mean you are not pregnant. A blank screen can appear due to many reasons. There is just one solution to it that you perform another test. Ensure that you eliminate all the possible causes of blank tests while performing the second test. Some people suggest you wait for the second test, which is also totally fine. 

What if I Have multiple blank pregnancy tests?

Getting one blank test is common and can happen to anyone. But, if it has happened to you multiple times, then you need to find out the cause behind it. Here are the possible causes of multiple blank pregnancy tests.

  1. Low Hormone Levels

If the level of hCG hormones is too low in the body, the kits may not be able to detect it. As a result, you may encounter a blank result. So, wait for a few more days and perform the test again in this case.

  1. Improper Usage

If the results appear blank multiple times, it could mean you need to be using it correctly. Make sure you read all the instructions carefully and avoid potential mistakes. 

  1. Consult a Professional

It is improbable, but you may have some underlying medical condition that causes multiple blank tests. So, I recommend you consult with a professional if the issue does not resolve after eliminating all potential causes.

Can You Reuse a Pregnancy Test If It Was Blank?

The kit is not pure anymore if you have used it once. So, try not to use the contaminated kit again because you will not get accurate results. As we know, the tip of the kit must be clean before dipping it into the urine sample. If it is not clean, it may not accurately detect the presence of hCG hormones and thus will give a blank test. Cleaning it for reuse won’t be a very good idea either. So, do not reuse the pregnancy test again. If you get a blank result, just get another one and do the test again. 


Let’s quickly conclude the topic. If you think you are pregnant but the results are blank, don’t take it for a negative. Many reasons can cause a blank pregnancy test. The best approach is to perform the test again after eliminating the possible causes. One correct result will open doors for a new life of motherhood for you. 

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