40 Beautiful and Biblical Names That Mean Healing ( For Girls & Boys)

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Whether you’re looking for a suitable biblical name for your newborn or simply are curious about the meaning behind them, this list of 40 biblical names that mean healing could be the list you’re looking for. 

Not only are biblical names unique, but each one of them has a deeper meaning behind it. To help you go through these names, we have gathered information regarding their origin, pronunciation, where it’s located in the Bible, and the meaning behind them.

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20 Biblical Boy Names That Mean Healing

  1. Asa [AH-suh]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Physician or Healer

Bible Mentions: 2 Chronicles 14:8-15, 2 Chronicles 15:8-19

The name Asa is considered to be gender-neutral that was taken from the biblical mention of ‘King Asa’. He was known as a faithful ruler and was considered to be the first good king to rule Judah. He was also known to have close ties with God which helped him heal the nation.

  1. Boaz [BO-az]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Swiftness

Bible Mentions: Ruth 2:1-23, Ruth 3:1-18, Ruth 4:1-22

Boaz is a unique-sounding name that has the essence of strength and masculinity behind it. It is said that Boaz, despite his masculinity, is kind especially to Ruth. He helped her find security and provided protection.

  1. Ezekiel [ih-ZEE-kee-uhl]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God Strengthens

Bible Mentions: Ezekiel 1:1-3, Ezekiel 2:1-3:27, Ezekiel 37:1-14

Taken from the prophet Ezekiel, the name holds power and faith. He was a messenger and is said to have had visions of God’s power to heal and restore. A perfect name for someone who is strong, with a resilient spirit.

  1. Gabriel [Gay-bree-el]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is my strength

Bible Mentions: Daniel 8:15-26, Daniel 9:21-27, Luke 1:11-38

The name Gabriel has a timeless feel, and is said to be associated with healing and prophecy in the Bible. It is a name known to be destined for greatness.

  1. Hosea [ho-ZAY-uh]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Salvation

Bible Mentions: Hosea 1:1-3:5

Taken from the Old Testament, the prophet Hosea is said to have a strong faith to heal and to restore. A perfect name for someone who is willing to help others without the accolade.

  1. Isaac [EYE-zik]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Laughter

Bible Mentions: Genesis 17:15-27, Genesis 18:1-15, Genesis 21:1-14

Isaac is a classic name that is associated with healing and restoration. A great name for those who bring laughter and joy to those around him.

  1. Jabez [JAY-bez]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: He will cause pain

Bible Mentions: 1 Chronicles 4:9-10

Despite its negative connotation, the name Jabez is still associated with healing and blessing. That being said, the name is still seen in a positive light. Give it to someone you know who is destined for greatness.

  1. Jedidiah [je-DID-ee-uh]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Beloved of God

Bible Mentions: 2 Samuel 12:24-25

The name Jedidiah was given to King Solomon to portray God’s favor and blessing. It may not be unique, but it’s a good biblical name nevertheless. 

  1. Jeremiah [jeh-RIH-miy-uh]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Exalted of the Lord

Bible Mentions: Jeremiah 1:-3:5

Jeremiah is a classic name that conveys strength, power, and restoration. Taken from when the prophet Jeremiah spoke of God’s healing power and the restoration of Jerusalem. A perfect name for someone who represents justice and restoration.

  1. Jesus [JEE-zuhs]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Yahweh saves

Bible Mentions: Matthew 1:1-25, Luke 1:26-56, John 1:1-18

Being one of the most popular names in the Bible, the name Jesus is associated with salvation and healing. It has power behind it that simply mentioning the name expresses a strong faith. 

  1. John [JAHN]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is gracious

Bible Mentions: Matthew 3:1-12, Mark 1:1-8, Luke 3:1-20

A classic name and a common one due to its biblical heritage. John, popularly known as ‘John the Baptist’, is known for his love of helping others through healing and teaching. If you’re looking for a name that exudes ‘intelligence’, this name is a perfect choice.

  1. Joseph [JO-sif]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: May he add

Bible Mentions: Genesis 30:22-24, Genesis 37:1-36, Genesis 39:1-50:26

Another classic name that has been taken by many for centuries. The meaning behind the name Joseph comes from his history of overcoming slavery to become one of the most revered leaders in Egypt. He was also known to help others through his healing. 

  1. Lazarus [LAZ-uh-rus]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God has helped

Bible Mentions: John 11:1-44

Taken from the Hebrew name ‘Eleazar’, it is one of the unique names in the Bible. Lazarus is widely known for his resurrection, showing the testament to God’s miracle and healing power. 

  1. Micah [MY-kuh]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Who is like God? Or Who resembles God?

Bible Mentions: Micah 1:1

A beautiful with a deep meaning behind the name. Micah is derived from the Hebrew name Mikhael, portraying humility and justice. A fitting name for one who seeks peace.

  1. Raphael [RAY-fee-el]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God has healed

Bible Mentions: Tobit 3:17, Tobit 5:4-8, Tobit 12:11-22

Taken from one of the seven archangels, Raphael is deeply associated with protection and healing. It is one of the more popular choices due to its allure.  

  1. Samuel [SAM-yoo-el]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Heard by God

Bible Mentions: 1 Samuel 1:1-28, 1 Samuel 2:1-36, 1 Samuel 3:1-21

The name Samuel is actually derived from the Hebrew name Shemu’el. He is widely known to be a prophet, priest, seer, and most notably, a king. The name holds a religious significance in Christianity and is thus perfect for those who have strong faith.

  1. Seth [SETH]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Appointed

Bible Mentions: Genesis 4:25-26

Seth is one of the more common names that came out of the Bible. It is a classic name that is associated with Adam and Eve. His descendants were known to have skills in healing.

  1. Silas [SY-las]

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Wood, Forest

Bible Mentions: Acts 15:22-41, Acts 16:16-40, Acts 17:1-15

Silas is a rare name that is derived from the Latin word ‘Silvanus’, with the same meaning as ‘wood’ or ‘forest’. The name is associated with being a protector, fitting a child who does not back down from injustice. 

  1. Solomon [SAHL-uh-mun]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Peace

Bible Mentions: 1 Kings 1:1-11:43, 2 Chronicles 1:1-9:31

As portrayed by its meaning, the name Solomon is known for its healing and peacekeeping capabilities. With its popularity in the modern world, it just goes to show how timeless the name Solomon can be. 

  1. Tobias[toh-BY-ahs]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is good

Bible Mentions: Tobit 1:1-14:15

Tobias is a popular name among the Jewish and Christian communities. The book of Tobias associated with the Bible made it more popular and now holds a counterpart name for English-speaking countries, ‘Toby’. 

20 Biblical Girl Names That Mean Healing

  1. Abijah [uh-BYE-juh]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: My father is Yahweh

Bible Mentions: 2 Chronicles 13:1-22, 2 Chronicles 29:1-2

An uncommon name that is given to someone who they feel has compassion and devotion to helping others. Although the name is more known to be a boy’s name, it also is used for girls as well.

  1. Anna [AN-uh]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Gracious

Bible Mentions: Luke 2:36-38

The name Anna is popular in the Christian and Hebrew communities due to its association with Virgin Mary. It is a timeless name that is widely used to this day. 

  1. Asenath [AS-uh-nath]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Devoted to the goddess Neith

Bible Mentions: Genesis 41:45-50, Genesis 46:20

Asenath is a well-known Egyptian princess that is associated with the goddess Neith, who is said to be responsible for the creation of the universe. Since Creating and healing is somewhat correlated in a context, the name Asenath would be fitting to add to our list.

  1. Dinah [DYE-nuh]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Justified, judged or vindicated

Bible Mentions: Genesis 30:21, Genesis 34:1-31

A fitting choice for those who stand for justice. Dinah may not be unique, but the meaning behind the name conveys faith and honesty that many use to this day.

  1. Eunice [yoo-nis]

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Good victory

Bible Mentions: Acts 16:1-3, 2 Timothy 1:1-7

Eunice is more popular in the holy scriptures who bore Timothy. Her son, who shares the same level of faith as her, is a well-known person in the Bible that performed healing.

  1. Hannah [HAN-uh]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Grace

Bible Mentions: 1 Samuel 1:1-2:26

By its popularity alone, you can already guess the name is a timeless one. It is derived from the Hebrew name ‘Channah’, which means favor or grace. A fitting name for girls who are compassionate.

  1. Joanna [jo-AN-uh]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is gracious

Bible Mentions: Luke 8:1-3, Luke 24:1-12

One of the more common names for women, Joanna is actually derived from the Hebrew Name Yohanna. It was Jesus who healed her, which brings the name being associated with healing.

  1. Keziah [KE-zee-uh]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Cassia Tree

Bible Mentions: Job 42:14

Keziah is the 2nd daughter of Job, who was born after his suffering, thus the healing concept came to mind. Besides its uniqueness and meaning behind it, the name perfectly fits girls who can heal and help give peace of mind to others just by their presence.

  1. Lois [LO-iss]

Origin: Greek

Meaning: More desirable, most beautiful, or superior

Bible Mentions: Timothy 1:1-7

Lois is one of the more famous names for girls and was even more popularized by DC Comic’s Superman. In the Bible, she is the grandmother of Timothy who is well-known for his healing abilities. The name fits someone who is caring and wise.

  1. Mara [MA-ra]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Bitter

Bible Mentions: Ruth 1:1-22, Ruth 2:1-23, Ruth 4:1-22

Do not be fooled by its meaning of origin. As taken from the bible, after the death of her sons and husband, the name Mara was taken by Naomi to portray that death and mourning are natural and come with healing.

  1. Mary [MARE-ee]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Beloved or bitter

Bible Mentions: Matthew 1:1-25, Luke 1:26-56

Another timeless name that people used to this day, the name Mary has become the quintessential girl’s name. It is a name that the Christian community admire, due to what it represents. 

  1. Martha [MAR-thuh]

Origin: Aramaic

Meaning: Lady, or mistress

Bible Mentions: 10:38-42, John 11:1-44, John 12:1-8

Martha is a classic and timeless name. Martha is a biblical figure that is known to have a close relationship with Mary and Lazarus and also has befriended Jesus. She was well-known for her hospitality and healing skills.

  1. Miriam [MIR-ee-uhm]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Bitter, wished-for child or beloved

Bible Mentions: Exodus 2:1-10, Exodus 15:20-21

A well-known name that holds a similar meaning to other biblical names. It is actually the name where the names ‘Mara’ and ‘Mary’ are derived from. The true meaning of the name is multiple and has had various derivations from different languages.

  1. Naomi [nay-OH-mee]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Pleasantness

Bible Mentions: Ruth 1:1-4:22

Naomi is recognized as someone who was wise and skilled in healing. She is a biblical figure that holds a significant meaning to Christians. Although it may not be as unique as one would hope, it still has the power to capture the hearts of soon-to-be parents.

  1. Phoebe [FEE-bee]

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Bright, pure, or radiant

Bible Mentions: Romans 16:1-2

In the Bible, Phoebe was a deaconess in the church and was known for her hospitality. Made popular by the cult classic sitcom ‘FRIENDS’, Phoebe was the perfect representation of her name; Kind, loyal, and generous.

  1. Priscilla [pri-SIL-uh]

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Ancient

Bible Mentions: Acts 18:1-28, Romans 16:3-5

Through the ages, Priscilla is still a name that is valued greatly by different cultures across the world. The name comes from the bible which was closely associated with teaching and healing. There’s nothing wrong with having more Priscillas in the world to be honest. 

  1. Rachel [RAY-chul]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Ewe

Bible Mentions: Genesis 29:1-30:24, Genesis 35:16-20

The ‘Ewe’ meaning comes from an interesting story to which she was tending sheep when she met his husband Jacob. Rachel was once the more popular name in the Jewish community. Today, it has now reached different cultures across the world and is still popular as ever. 

  1. Sarah [SAIR-uh]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Princess

Bible Mentions: Genesis 11:29-25:10

With high popularity in Europe, the name Sarah is still widely used to this day, even reaching other countries. To the Jewish community, the name is considered to be the mother of Hebrew people, due to her relationship with Abraham. Sarah would be the perfect biblical name for someone who is devoted to their faith.

  1. Susanna [soo-SAN-uh]

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Lily

Bible Mentions: Luke 8:1-3

Coming from the book of Daniel in the Hebrew Bible, she is said to be a beautiful, God-fearing, Jewish woman. She has one of the most interesting stories that perfectly represents the honesty and faithfulness that is attached to her name.

  1. Tabitha [TAH-buh-thuh]

Origin: Aramaic

Meaning: Gazelle

Bible Mentions: Acts 9:36-42

Tabitha was actually a disciple of Jesus and was popular for her good deeds. With its uniqueness and deep meaning behind it, more and more parents are seizing the opportunity to take the name for their daughters. 

Naming your newborn is one of the most joyous, yet simple things in life. Make sure you cherish the moment and share it with your loved ones. Whatever name you and your spouse decide on, know these names have a deeper meaning, rather than simply sounding good.

Seeing that most of our 20 biblical names that mean healing are timeless and are still used to this day, it really shows that people still have an unwavering belief in their faith. We hope that you have found a suitable name for your newborn or have at least enlightened you about how these names came to be.

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