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Would you like to name your baby boy something meaningful? Any beautiful name that means to grace will be great for the newborn. And we have what you’re looking for. It’s none other than a list of 60 biblical boy names meaning grace. 

While selecting these names, several factors are important to consider. Ranging from meaning, and pronunciation to origin and relevance. So, go through our enlisted names if you plan to name the boy based on God’s victory, mercy or grace. Continue reading next. 

30 Biblical Boy Names Meaning Grace

Aaron [AIR-uhn]
Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “Mountain of strength.”
Bible Mentions: Exodus 4:14-16

Aaron was Moses’ older brother. He was also the very first high priest of Israel. Moreover, he earned massive respect for his faithfulness and insight. The name reflects God’s strength and Grace.

Abdiel [AB-dee-el]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Servant of God.”
Bible Mentions: Paradise Lost by John Milton
The angel Abdiel was loyal to God. He was faithful to God even when Satan rebelled. This name shows the sincerity of the servants towards their powerful master, i.e, God.

Abram [AY-bruhm]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Exalted father.”
Bible Mentions: Genesis 17:5
Abram, the father of many nations, named Abraham later. His name describes the faithful Grace of the Good lord and the heavenly solutions for the people. 

Adriel [AD-ree-el]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Flock of God.”
Bible Mentions: 1 Samuel 18:17-19
Adriel was Merab’s father. David gave him in marriage to Saul. God’s affection and mercy for people is the meaning of his name.

Amaziah [uh-MAY-zee-uh]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Strength of God.”
Bible Mentions: 2 Chronicles 25:2
Amaziah was the King of Judah. He devoted himself to the lord. At unstable periods, the sympathy of God underscores this name. 

Asa [ AY-suh]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Physician, cure.”
Bible Mentions: 1 Kings 15:9-15
King Asa was a wise ruler committed to God. He gave the nation a revival. It makes healing and salvation for the people who denote the good God.

Boaz [BO-az]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Swiftness, strength.”
Bible Mentions: Ruth 2:1-13
Boaz retrieves the relationship by giving more care and love to Ruth.Besides being affluent, he was a good person. This name denotes the supplier, who signifies the lord’s affection and forgiveness. 

Caleb [ KAY-lub]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Dog, faithful.”
Bible Mentions: Numbers 13:6
He was among the twelve spies who visited Canaan. Lord will fulfill his promise to hand over the earth as Caleb was hopeful for it. The name symbolizes God’s courage and Grace.

Eli [EE-lie]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Ascension, uplifted.”
Bible Mentions: 1 Samuel 1-4
Eli was the priest of God who guided Samuel and supported him to hear God. This name is a sign of wisdom of the lord and holy heaven.

Gabriel [GAY-bree-el]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “God is my strength.”
Bible Mentions: Luke 1:26-38
Gabriel was an archangel, a messenger of God. He announced Jesus’ birth to Mary. This name represents God’s Grace, power and authority.

Hosea [ho-ZAY-uh]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Salvation”
Bible Mentions: Book of Hosea
Hosea showed his love for his unfaithful wife. That’s how he demonstrated lord’s love for his people. This name represents God’s mercy and forgiveness.

Levi [ LEE-vye]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Joined, attached.”
Bible Mentions:  Genesis 29:34
Levi was one of Israel’s twelve tribes. Afterward, he became part of the holy tribe serving God in the temple. This name depicts how God’s Grace connects and helps.

Matthias [muh-THY-uhs]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Gift of God.”
Bible Mentions: Acts 1:23-26
After Jesus’ ascension, Matthias replaced Judas among the twelve disciples. By this name, we are referring to God’s Grace which is his desire and gift to humankind.

Nathan [NAY-thun]

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Gift, giver.”

Bible Mention: 2 Samuel 12
Nathan served as a prophet of God who condemned King David for his sins. Besides, he showed him God’s mercy and Grace. Named after God’s Grace in giving and correcting.

Noah [NOH-uh]
Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “Rest, comfort.”
Bible Mentions: Genesis 6-9
Noah was a righteous man, blessed by God. He survived the flood with his family and animals. In his name, we find God’s Grace in rest and safety.

Philip [FIL-ip]
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “Lover of horses.”
Bible Mention:  Acts 8
Philip was a preacher and one of Jesus’ twelve disciples. He preached the gospel to the Ethiopian eunuch and the Samaritans. This name represents God’s Grace as passion and evangelism.

Reuben [ROO-ben]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Behold, a son.”
Bible Mentions: Genesis 29-49
Reuben, Jacob’s firstborn son, lost his birthright because of sin. His name refers to God’s Grace of forgiveness and redemption.

Samuel [SAM-yoo-el]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Asked of God.”
Bible Mentions:  1 Samuel 1-25
Samuel was the prophet who served as a judge and priest. David and Saul received crowns as kings of Israel from him. This name represents God’s Grace in His provision and prayer.

Silas [SY-lus]
Origin: Latin
Meaning: “Man of the forest.”
Bible Mentions: Acts 15:22
Silas was a companion of Paul and Barnabas on their missionary journey. He also encouraged the believers in Antioch. This name represents the Grace of God’s creativity and nature.

Simon [SY-mun]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Hearing, listening.”
Bible Mentions: Matthew 4:18-22
Simon was a fisherman who followed Jesus. Furthermore, he held a position of authority to be a leader of the early church. We see the Grace of God’s attentiveness and leadership in this name.

Asher [ASH-er]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Happy, blessed.”
Bible Mentions: Genesis 30:13
Asher was one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Being favored by God, he received a land of plenty and prosperity. This name represents the Grace and mercy of God’s blessing and joy.

Emmanuel [i-MAN-yoo-el]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “God is with us.”
Bible Mentions: Matthew 1:23
Emmanuel is a prophetic name given to Jesus, who was born of a virgin and dwelt among us. This name represents the Grace and mercy of God’s presence and salvation.

Ezra [EZ-ruh]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Help”
Bible Mentions: Ezra 7-10
Ezra was a scribe who became a priest later. He led the nation of Israel to rebuild the temple to revive their faith. This name represents the Grace and mercy of God’s help and guidance.

Jonah [JOH-nu]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Dove”

Bible Mentions: Book of Jonah
Jonah was a prophet of God who preached in Nineveh. He disobeyed God’s command and got punished. A great fish swallowed him and repented of his sin. Then God showed him mercy and saved him. This name represents the Grace and mercy of God’s compassion and forgiveness.

Joseph [JOH-sef]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “May he add, increase.”

Bible Mentions: Genesis 30-50

Joseph was the son of Jacob and Rachel. His brothers sold him into slavery because they were jealous of him. He became a servant in Egypt. After some time, he rose to power as a governor and savior for his people. This name represents the Grace and mercy of God’s providence to His servants.

Lazarus [LAZ-uh-ruhs]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “God has helped”

Bible Mentions: John 11

Lazarus was a close friend of Christ. After being dead in the tomb for four days, he got up from death. His name means the Grace and mercy of God’s help and power.

Malachi [MAL-uh-kie]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “My messenger.”

Bible Mentions: Book of Malachi

Malachi was a prophet of God. He aimed to scold the nation of Israel for its sins. Furthermore, he asked them to be obedient to return to God. This name shows the Grace of God’s message and mercy.

Nathaniel [nuh-THAN-yul]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “gift of God.”

Bible Mentions: John 1:43-51

Nathaniel was a pupil of Jesus. Philip introduced him to Jesus. He was also one of those who recognized him as the Son of God. His name shows the Grace and mercy of God’s gift.

Simeon [SY-mee-un]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “Heard, obedient.”

Bible Mentions: Luke 2:25-35

Simeon was a righteous man who recognized Jesus as the Messiah at the temple. He waited for the consolation of Israel. Simeon’s name explains the Grace of God’s obedience and revelation to divine truth.

Hanniel [Ḥannīʾēl]
Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “God is my grace”

Bible Mentions: (1 Chronicles 7:39); the King James Version

Hanniel was the son of the Ephod who led the tribe of Manaseeh. Moses appointed him as a decision maker about dividing the Canaan land. His name describes the highest grace of God alighted upon the believers.

10 Biblical Boy Names That Mean Victory

Barak [BA-rak]
: Hebrew
Meaning: “lightning”
Bible Mentions: Judges 4-5
Barak was a judge of Israel who confronted Canaanites. He led the army of Israel against the Canaanites at the orders of Deborah. He obeyed God’s command and won a great victory. This name represents the victory of God’s power and courage.

Jehoshaphat [juh-HOSH-uh-fat]

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “The Lord judges.”

Bible Mentions: 2 Chronicles 17-20

Jehoshaphat was a king of Judah who battled against many armies. He conquered Ammon, Edom and Moab with God’s help. He was a pious man who devoted himself to God. His name represents the victory of God’s provision and His judgment.

Jephthah [Judges 11-12]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “He will open.”
Bible Mentions: Judges 11-12

Jephthah fought the Ammonites. He was a judge of Israel. His brothers brought him outside and honored him with the leadership of a band of outlaws. Later, he vowed to behead everyone out of the house to greet him if he won the battle. Ill-fated, his daughter came out and got sacrificed. His name means the triumph of God’s openness and His servant’s courage to surrender.

Josiah [juh-SY-uh]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “The Lord supports.”
Bible Mentions:  2 Kings 22-23, 2 Chronicles 34-35
Josiah was a king of Judah who found the Book of the Law at a temple and renewed the covenant with God. He destroyed the idols. And confronted fake prophets by celebrating the Passover with great joy. His represents the victory of God’s revival and immense support.

Joshua [JAH-shoo-uh]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “The Lord saves.”
Bible Mentions: Book of Joshua
Joshua succeeded Moses as the leader of Israel and participated in battles. Through God’s favor, he took over the land of Canaan. He was a courageous person who obeyed God’s commandments. Joshua means the victory of God’s leadership and redemption.

Michael [MY-kul]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Who is like God?”
Bible Mentions: Daniel 10:13, Jude 1:9, Revelation 12:7
Michael is an archangel who fights against the devil. His companion angels defend the people of God. He is a symbol of God’s power and protection. His name depicts the victory of God’s authority and power.

Samson [SAM-sun]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “sunshine”
Bible Mentions: Judges 13-16
Samson was an Israeli judge. He got supernatural strength and fought against the Philistines. His faith weakened as he fell for a woman. Yet, she deceived him. Later, his enemies imprisoned him and made him blind. He prayed for his one last victory. Further, he brought down the temple of Dagon and the Philistines. Samson means the triumph of God’s Grace with all His might. 

Solomon [SOL-uh-mun]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “peaceful”
Bible Mentions: 1 Kings 1-11
Solomon was the son of David and Bathsheba. He ruled the land of Israel, well known for his sagacity and wealth. Additionally, Solomon built the temple of God and served Him with all his heart. He also wrote a lot of sayings and songs. His name signifies the victory of God’s peacefulness.

Zechariah [zuh-KAIR-ee-uh]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “The Lord remembers.”
Bible Mentions: Book of Zechariah
Zechariah was a prophet of God. To restore their faith, he encouraged the Israelis to rebuild the temple. He had many visions about the arrival of the Messiah. Further, Zechariah prophesied the need for salvation for the people. His name describes the victory of God as He doesn’t forget anything. 

Gideon [GID-ee-un]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Mighty warrior.”
Bible Mentions: Judges 6-8
Gideon led a small army to victory over the Midianites with God’s help. His name symbolizes the victory and strength of God.

11 Biblical Boy Names, Denoting as Joy of the Lord

Abner [AB-nur] 

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “My father is a lamp.”
Bible Mentions: 1 Samuel 14-31, 2 Samuel 2-4

Abner, the commander of the Saul army, also supported David. In a row, Joab killed him. Then David mourned his death and honored him too. His name shows the spiritual joy of the lord descended under His ruling and presence.

Amos [AY-muhs]
Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “burden-bearer”
Bible Mentions: Book of Amos
Amos was a prophet of God who stood against the corrupt leaders of Israel. He was a pious man. He called the people for justice and righteousness by proclaiming the day of the lord. His name shows the joy of the lord in the burden of His word and mission.

Ethan [EE-thuhn]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “firm, strong.”
Bible Mentions: Psalm 89, 1 Kings 4:31
Ethan was a wordsmith man who crafted many psalms. His most famous iPsalm 89 celebrates obedience to God. His skill for using words and his devotion to God stands him out among the God-fearing. His name shows the joy of the lord in the strength and sense of His word.

Heman [HEE-mun]

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “faithful, trustworthy.”
Bible Mentions: Psalm 88, 1 Kings 4:31, 1 Chronicles 15:17-19
Heman was a faithful man who led the temple singers. David entrusted and commanded him. He wrote Psalm 88, which expresses the sorrow and despair of a man who feels abandoned by God. His musical talents brought him enormous fame. His name signifies the joy of the lord in the trust and worship.

Jairus [JAY-ruhs]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “enlightened”
Bible Mentions: Mark 5:21-43, Luke 8:40-56
Jairus was a synagogue leader whose daughter got sick somehow. He begged Jesus to heal his daughter, who was about to die. Jesus helped him in this rough time and raised the girl from the dead. It left people in awe, amazement, and joy. That’s how Jairus means the true joy of the lord in the light of His healing and resurrection.

Jesse [JESS-ee ]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “gift, oblation.”
Bible Mentions: 1 Samuel 16:1-13
Jesse, the father of David, was the great king of Israel. He was a shepherd by profession. He was a man of faith; therefore, he asked his children to love and serve God in every way. His name explains the lord’s joy as a present and obligation to His commands.

Joel [JOH-uhl]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “the Lord is God”
Bible Mentions: Book of Joel
Joel was a prophet of God. He proclaimed the judgment and salvage. He asked the people to repent and fast for their sins. Joel promised the liberation of the Holy Spirit. This name means the joy of the lord in his eternal existence.

Jonathan [JAH-nuh-thun]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “the Lord has given”
Bible Mentions: 1 Samuel 13-31, 2 Samuel 1-2
Jonathan was the son of Saul. His best friend was David. Jonathan made a settlement with him. He saved David from his father’s punishment. And he also supported David in pursuit of his faith. His name’s literal meaning is that the lord’s joy lies in the faithfulness of His companions.

Micah [MY-kuh]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “Who is like the Lord?”
Bible Mentions: Book of Micah
Micah, the holy man, was the prophet of God. He confronted the nation of Israel for their wrongdoings. He promised the restoration of the remnants. Moreover, Micah also announced the coming of the Messiah. He believed in the mercy and justice of God. His name reflects the lord’s joy in submission to His unparalleled authority. 

Obadiah [oh-BAY-dyuh]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “servant of the Lord.”
Bible Mentions: Book of Obadiah
Obadiah was a holy prophet of God. He anticipated Edom. Besides, he promised the nation of Israel to hold judgment and restoration for their Good. Also, Obadiah was a man of humility and obedience. He followed the path of God. Obadiah’s meaning is the lord’s joy in the service and worship.

Seth [SEHTH]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “appointed”
Bible Mentions: Genesis 4-5
Seth was Adam and Eve’s third son, born after Abel’s death. God selected him to continue the line of Adam and give birth to Enosh. He was righteous, calling the people upon the name of the good God. His name symbolizes the eternal joy of the lord in the purpose and calling of His creation.

9 Biblical Boy Names That Mean Favored by God

Abel [AY-buhl]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “breath, vapor.”
Bible Mentions: Genesis 4
Abel was the second son of Adam and Eve, who offered a sacrifice of his best flock to the lord. God favored him by accepting his offering, while his brother Cain got rejected. Cain became jealous and killed him. Afterward, God avenged his murder by saving Grace to his memory. Abel delivers the meaning of God’s favor and His people’s sacrifice.

Benjamin [BEN-juh-mun]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “son of the right hand.”
Bible Mentions:Genesis 35-49
Benjamin was born in Bethlehem. He was the youngest child of Jacob and Rachel. Also, his father granted him an extraordinary blessing. The story of Joseph and his brothers shows that Benjamin was a man of faith and courage. His name describes the favor of God in the protection and blessing of His people.

Daniel [DAN-yuhl] 

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “God is my judge.”

Bible Mentions: Book of Daniel

Daniel was a prophet of God captive in Babylon. He served in the king’s court for some time. Even at the most challenging times of persecution and death, he remained faithful to God. Daniel had good foresight and predicted the coming of the Messiah. Moreover, he also predicted the future of Israel. The literal meaning of Daniel is the favor of God in the equity and revelation of His truthfulness.

Enoch [EE-nuhk]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “dedicated, trained.”

Bible Mentions: Genesis 5, Hebrews 11:5

Enoch, the ancestor of Noah, was a pious soul, honored even after centuries. God lifted him to heaven alive. He was the father of Methuselah. God favored him with a statement of faith. His name describes the heavenly favor in devotion and fellowship of the masses. 

Jacob [JAY-kuhb]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “supplanter”

Bible Mentions: Genesis 25-50

Jacob, the father of the twelve tribes of Israel, was the son of Isaac. Once, he dreamt of a ladder going straight up to heaven. There, he heard the voice of God assuring him of land along with a seed. Later, God granted him a new name, Israel, which means “he who struggles with God.” He was famous for his cunning and his wrestling with God. This name reflects the favor of God in the transformation and perseverance of His people.

Jethro [JETH-roh]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “His excellence.”

Bible Mentions: Exodus 3-18

Jethro, the father-in-law of Moses, was a father figure. He feared God and followed His law by heart. Also, he advised Moses about the governance. For example, to appoint judges to guide the nation. He offered sacrifices to God as a symbol of rejoicing in the deliverance of Israel from Egypt. His name symbolizes the favor of God in counseling His friends for the right.

John [JAHN]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “God is gracious.”

Bible Mentions: Luke 1-3, John 1-21

John was God’s prophet, and Zechariah and Elizabeth’s son. God favored his birth. Later, he worked the way out for the coming of Jesus. Not only that, he baptized Christ and even believed in His divine mission. John preached repentance and forgiveness of sins. He warned the people of the judgment. His name depicts God’s real favor in His Son’s Grace and truth.

Moses [MOH-ziz]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “Drawn out.”

Bible Mentions: Exodus 1-40, Deuteronomy 34

Moses, the pious deity who was the godsend leader of Israel. He delivered the nation from the bondage of Egypt. While leading them to the Promised Land, he asked God for forgiveness and salvation. Besides, he had many miracles. These are the plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, the Ten Commandments, and the provision of manna and quail. The name Moses means the favor of God in the true calling and commissioning of His servants.

Timothy [TIM-uh-thee]

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “Honoring God.”

Bible Mentions: Acts 16-20, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy

Timothy reverted to Christianity. He worked with Paul and later became his pupil. His mother and grandmother guided him. Additionally, he sailed with Paul as a helper. He was also a pastor and a church leader. Paul instructed to preach the word and to be an example to the believers. This name represents the favor of God in the honor and service of His followers.

Final Thoughts

Summing up, naming your newborn a biblical name, Grace, is a great way to value your faith. It will also cater to a sense of spirituality in your baby boy. Don’t give your boy any random name but choose something meaningful instead. 

Names are not collections of words but quite important in determining a person’s fate. You can review our list of biblical names meaning Grace and find your kid a great name. Give your graceful baby boy a gracious name!

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