Pediatric Specialist, Child Nutrition Expert
Developmental Milestones
Common Childhood Illnesses
Pediatric Medication Dosage
Dietary Modifications
Vaccine Schedules and Benefits


  • Board-certified pediatrician with an expertise in developmental milestones, childhood illnesses, and vaccine schedules.
  • Earned a Master's degree in Medicine from the prestigious University of Pittsburgh.
  • Trusted reviewer for pediatric content.


Dr. Margaret Dogwood, M.D. doesn't author articles herself, her role is invaluable in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of pediatric content. Her extensive knowledge covers a wide range of pediatric topics, from developmental milestones and common childhood illnesses to vaccine schedules and dietary modifications.  Dr. Dogwood's dedication to her profession is evident in the trust content writers place in her reviews. Outside of her professional life, Dr. Dogwood finds balance through yoga and captures life's moments with her passion for photography.


Margaret Dogwood earned her Master's degree in Medicine from the University of Pittsburgh, solidifying her foundation in the field of pediatrics. She is board-certified, further emphasizing her commitment to excellence in child healthcare.

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