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  • Founder, and writer with a focus on sleep training techniques, positive discipline strategies, homeschooling resources, credit score management, family budgeting, and long-term savings. 
  • Holds a Bachelor’s in Finance from Ohio State University and a Master’s in Finance from the Anderson School of Management.
  • Certified in various fields including Baby Sleep Consultant, Child Development, Early Education Professionals, Certified New Parent Educator (CNPE), and Certified Financial Planner (CFP).


Daisy Martinez is a Certified Financial Planner and a dedicated mother, infusing her vast knowledge of personal finance with real-life parenting experiences. Her approach to writing is deeply rooted in her academic background in Finance and bolstered by her hands-on parenting training.  Daisy writes for parents interested in comprehensive parenting tips and resources, as well as for expectant mothers. She's the founder of "mamallove.com" and "cashsavvytips.com", which is set to be a go-to destination for personal finance insights.  Beyond her professional realm, Daisy is an avid traveler, often accompanied by her two daughters and a fitness enthusiast.


Daisy began her academic journey at Ohio State University, where she earned a Bachelor’s in Finance. She further expanded her horizons by attaining a Master’s in Finance from the prestigious Anderson School of Management.  These academic pursuits have given her a holistic understanding of global financial trends down to the intricacies of individual financial planning.

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